Encouraging Encounters

The world is in turmoil. Young people like the 23-year-old Tunisian engineering student and former tourism worker who killed 38 tourists in Sousse , during the month of Ramadan in 2015, are passionately willing to walk a pathway of death for what they believe in. They are being educated and trained by religious extremists.  The result is an escalation worldwide in organized incidents of horrific atrocities against humanity. The headlines of our media are being flooded by these reports and a sense of fear and uncertainty is being instilled in the hearts of people.

Our heart is to focus your attention and prayers on our persecuted brothers and sisters, who are prepared to share God's love in this array of challenging environments. Those people who hardly ever make the headlines of the media. And as we share their stories of faith, endurance and hope our prayer is that your faith will be strengthened and challenged by these Encouraging Encounters with persecuted Christians.

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My faith has been strengthened

Share how your faith has been strengthened or challenged by the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters. We would love to hear your testimony